"I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail."
Abraham Maslow


In information technology, is the process of linking together different computing systems and software applications physically or functionally.
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In business and organizations is the function that coordinates the efforts of people to accomplish goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively.
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Is a corporate strategy to increase sales volume from new products and new markets. Diversification can be expanding into a new segment of an industry that the business is already in.
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Describes the standards of education and training that prepare members of the same profession with the particular knowledge and skills necessary to perform the role of that profession.
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About Me

I am a developer and information architect dedicated primarily to e-commerce and ERP solutions; based on implementations with Drupal. Sometimes enthusiastic speaker.

At the present I working with Drupal 7 and training for Drupal 8 with a special interest in Headless Drupal model. I am currently interested in technologies as #Linux, #Docker, #Redis, #Symfony, #Backbone and #RESTful.


Working in

I am currently working for Digizent International as Drupal architect and Developer.

I maintain and support e-commerce sites.

Development custom commerce reports.

Development custom modules.

Automation server processes.

Some front-end.


Emprendor ERP This is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning solution for manufacturing process. If you have interest to see a demo, please contact me.

Commerce reports bysource drupal module. A experimental code for tracking campaigns. See more

Commerce order refund drupal module. A experimental code for refund payments in commerce. See more

Drupal my contribution to the project. See my profile

Github some public projects as drupal_architect training and scripts bash. See repositories